What is a Super Heinz Bet?

A Super Heinz Bet is a bet on 7 selections taking part in different events consisting of 21 Doubles, 35 Trebles, 35 Four-Folds, 21 Five-Folds, 7 Six-Folds, and a Seven-Fold Accumulator totaling 120 bets. 2 selections must win to ensure any returns.

How many bets in a Super Heinz?

There is a combination of 120 bets in a Super Heinz

How does a Super Heinz Bet work?

The Super Heinz covers all combinations of Single, Double, Treble, Four, Five, and Six-Fold bets across 7 selections

How Do you calculate a Super Heinz Bet?

Add together the return of each winning Double, Treble, Four, Five, Six, or Seven-fold Accumulator Bet. In order to ensure some winnings, two selections have to win in a Super Heinz Bet.

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