What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet is a bet on 3 selections taking part in different events consisting of 3 Doubles and one Treble making a total of 4 bets.

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Trixie vs Accas

Accumulators are excellent, but they have one major drawback: if any one of your picks fails, your entire wager is invalid. Combination bets are useful in this situation. You mix different accumulators in a combination bet.

You still get the profits from the others if one of them loses. One Treble accumulator and three Double accumulators make up a Trixie. To enter an example Trixie bet into the calculator below, click here. Once you’ve added each bet, you should experiment with the status (Win/Lose) to see what effect one of your selections not winning might have.

How many bets are in a Trixie Bet?

There is a combination of 4 bets in a Trixie

How does a Trixie Bet work?

All Double and Treble combinations are placed across 3 selections.

How do you calculate a Trixie Bet?

Add together the return of each winning Double or Treble Bet. You have to get a minimum of 2 winners in order to generate any returns. Benefits of a Trixie is that even if one lets you down, you’re still entitled to a return.

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